Dear friends,
    Over the past ten years you have heard my words in worship, my thoughts here in the Anchor, and an occasional word on Facebook, so now I find words very hard to come by. How do I say goodbye to people I have learned to love and care about? This is no good way, except to say that you will always be in my hearts and prayers. Yet, perhaps it is appropriate to be saying farewell during Advent--the season of hope, for that is what I have for each of you, individually and as a community of faith. As Paul writes, it is a sure and certain hope that you will continue to thrive, living and sharing your faith, as indeed you are doing and as the Holy Spirit guides you. During Advent we remember that Jesus came into the world to bear light on God's love, to assure each of us of God's mercy, to lay out the welcome mat in God's kingdom, as well as to teach us how to love one another...and that you do, very well. 
    In this final month together, we celebrate our Lord's birth, not just in Bethlehem but in our hearts. It is a special and holy season in which the waning light of December bursts forth into love, light and life. Therefore, amidst the goodbyes we will rejoice and give thanks for these years we have had together, thanking and praising God always. These years will always shine like a beacon in my heart. 
    So...thank you! And may you be forever blessed in God's love and presence.  
In and with Christ's holy love,  

Pastor Mary