A Lenten Tour
    Suppose you had signed up with a travel agent for a guided tour of Jerusalem during the week of Passover in the year 30 A.D. What might you have seen? What might you have heard? Each week, there will be a drama in which we will be led by a typical tour guide on an imaginary visit to the Holy City. We will be at each site through power point pictures as our guide offers historical, cultural, and religious commentary on the sights of the city, just as a person might have done 2000 years ago in the week Jesus was arrested, tried, and crucified.
    The stops each week will be:
  •     The Temple Mount 
  •      Passover 
  •      The Mount of Olives 
  •      The Palace of the High Priest (Caiaphus) 
  •      The Fortress of Antonia (Named after Herod’s friend – Marc Antony) 
  •      Skull Hill (Golgotha)
    Join the tour and see the sights – imagine the sounds as we transport back to Jerusalem in the time of Jesus, and live the moments as if we, too, are actually there. 

Pastor Mary