Your Call Committee has been hard at work, preparing the ground in our search for a new pastor. Here's where we are:
    The members are Bobbi Freitag (chair), Carolyn Cleveland, Jon Sleik, Jane Sluiter and Dave Tindell. The committee's first task was to review the Mission Site Profile, prepared by a Transition Team consisting of Dave Cleveland, Julie Telitz and Dave Tindell. The Profile is an online document that tells prospective candidates about our church, and our expectations for a new pastor. After approving the Profile document, the Call Committee sent it off to the Church Council, which reviewed it and voted its approval at the Council's July meeting.
    The Profile has been reviewed by the Northwest Synod and approved as of August 25, and has now been posted on the ELCA's website, along with openings from other churches seeking pastors. There's a lot of competition out there! Regardless of that, we feel that we have a strong case to make for any pastor considering a call by our congregation. Our point man with the Synod is Pastor Randy Olson, and he will be selecting candidates who have expressed interest in taking a new call and who might be a good fit for us. Pastor Randy is very familiar with our church and will recommend two or three candidates, who will then be interviewed by the Call Committee. Once a candidate is chosen, that person's name will be put before the Council for its consideration. Following Council approval, the candidate will be put before the entire congregation for a vote on issuing a letter of call.
    We have had numerous inquiries from members asking about the time frame of the process. Pastor Randy feels confident that we will be able to have a candidate ready to present to the congregation by December. It's important to remember that we are not in any hurry, and that the Committee's goal is to present the Council, and then the congregation, with a qualified candidate who will be the best fit for our church.
    If you have any further questions, or wish to review the Mission Site Profile, please contact Committee Chair Bobbi Freitag by phone at 715-651-6931 or email her at