Updated October 25, 2020
I. The original cemetery and the second addition of the cemetery are both located at the southeast corner of the southwest quarter section 26 township 37 range 11 west of Washburn County, Wisconsin and shall be known as the Long Lake Lutheran Church (LLLC) Cemetery and the rules and regulations hereby adopted shall become effective and in full operation as of August 1, 2011 and revised on October 1, 2020.
II. The management of said cemetery shall be provided by the Operations chairperson of the Long Lake Lutheran Church council. The Operations chairperson of the Long Lake Lutheran Church council shall act as caretaker of the cemetery unless otherwise appointed. Appointed cemetery sexton(s) will report to the Operations chairperson.
III. The original cemetery shall, as far as feasible, be plotted into full lots of 16.5 feet by 16.5 feet, suitable for eight graves and each grave shall be approximately 4 feet x 8 feet. The second addition to the cemetery will have lots 16 feet by 21.5 feet with graves approximately 4 feet x 10.5 feet, allowing 2 feet at the head of the graves for the marker.
IV. Head stones and markers on graves shall be placed and maintained in a safe position meeting footing specifications for current monumental designs. Columbarium memorial plaques shall include the name and dates of birth and death with no additional designs.
V. Vaults shall be required for all burials.
VI. All future lots to be sold shall include the perpetual care clause. The cost of graves and columbarium niches including perpetual care are:
     Single grave: $300 Two graves: $600
     Full lot: $2400
     Columbarium niche: $500
     Ossuary space: suggested offering of $100 
     No distinction shall be made in price for non-members of Long Lake Lutheran Church. The Operations chairperson shall, at his/her discretion, grant non-members burial.
VII. At the discretion of the Operations chairperson or sexton(s), any part of the fund not needed for the current operation may be put in to a savings account to earn interest which will go into the General Cemetery Fund.
VIII. Ashes can be put to rest in either the columbarium or in a regular grave site in suitable containers.
IX. No more than one conventional burial per grave site is allowed. Two burials are allowed per site if one is conventional and one is ashes, or if both are ashes. Two burials of ashes are allowed in columbarium niches.
X. These rules and regulations may be altered at any regular or special meeting of the Long Lake Lutheran Church by concurrent action upon the recommendation of the Operations chairperson.
Rules and Regulations for the Grounds & Graves at the Long Lake Lutheran Church Cemetery
I. Trees and Shrubs: No person shall be permitted to trim, prune or remove branches from any tree or ornamental shrub in the cemetery. All work of pruning or trimming trees or removal of trees shall be done under the direction of the Operations chairperson of the Long Lake Lutheran Church council or the appointed sexton(s).
II. Decorations for the Growing Season (May 1 through October 1): Artificial flowers and potted live plants are allowed if placed on stands 18 to 24 inches high placed next to grave marker. Any pots or vases that interfere with mowing will be removed. All other plantings are strictly prohibited and will be removed. This includes unauthorized flowers, trees, bushes and evergreens. The sexton(s) or Operations chairperson will dispose of all arrangements not removed by October 1.
III. Decorations for the Non-Growing Season (October 2 to April 30): During the non-growing season, artificial arrangements, grave blankets or wreaths will be allowed. All fall and winter (non-growing season) decorations must be removed by May 1. The sexton(s) or Operations chairperson will dispose of all arrangements not removed by May 1.
IV. The sexton(s) or Operations chairperson of the Long Lake Lutheran Church council may remove faded or dead flowers, wreaths, and or grave blankets at any time throughout the year. Empty pots must be removed by October 1 or they will be removed. The sexton(s) or Operations chairperson are NOT responsible for keeping or the replacement of anything that is removed from the cemetery grounds.
V. Veteran Recognition: American flags are placed on veterans' grave sites from mid-May to Labor Day. Veteran medallions permanently mark each site.
Rules and Regulations for the Columbarium
 I. All are welcome and eligible to purchase a niche in the LLLC columbarium.
II. Only the cremains of humans shall be inured in the columbarium. Cremated remains of pets or other animals, or personal objects of the deceased may not be placed in a niche. Spreading of ashes on church property is not permitted.
III. No artificial flowers, potted plants, ornaments, signs cards, pictures, photographs, flags, emblems or other decorations may be attached to the niche, placed on top of the columbarium or on the columbarium walkway. Special requests in this regard will be reviewed by the Church Council or the sexton(s). If any such items are placed in or about the columbarium or on the columbarium walkway, LLLC reserves the right to remove and dispose of such items without notice and without liability to the owner of such items. 
IV. Niches will be reserved when a contract, issued by the church, is executed, and when full payment for the niche is received.
V. Urns (2 per niche maximum) will be provided by the niche owner. Urn sizes must be no larger than 5.5"x5.5"x7" (maximum of 2 per niche) or 6"x6"x10" (only 1 of this size per niche). The urns will be provided to the crematory for emplacement of ashes. Cap will be permanently attached once ashes are enclosed at the crematory.
VI. Engraving of up to two (2) names (birthday and year, death day and year of each) will be allowed on the stone front.
VII. The reservation of a niche and the full payment of its fee gives the individual the right to be inurned, but does not convey ownership of property by the individual. LLLC provides only the niche, and is not responsible for any other cost or cremation expense of whatever nature. No transfer or reservation of a columbarium niche may be made to another person, estate or corporation by the contract holder. However, LLLC may repurchase a niche from the contract holder for the original price less any cost incurred in the replacement of the cover. No repurchase or refund can be performed once cremains have been inurned.  
VIII. If a niche remains unused more than ten (10) years following the death of the individual to whom the contract was issued, the niche will revert back to LLLC with no reimbursement or refund. If this occurs, LLLC has no responsibility to notify the executor of the estate or next of kin.
IX. Reopening of inurnment and removal of cremains from a niche will be made upon receipt of written request and payment of applicable costs for custody of the cremains and after approval of the Committee.
X. The Rite of Inurnment for all cremains placed in the LLLC columbarium will be according to the Christian form of worship, and always conducted by the authority and supervision of the pastoral office of LLLC. 
All who make arrangements for burial in the LLLC cemetery or columbarium are bound by this policy document, which may be amended over time.  
If you have any questions or special requests regarding these Rules and Regulations, please contact any member of the Long Lake Lutheran Church council, the Operations chairperson, the church sexton(s) or the church office.
Church Office: Phone: 715-354-3804 Email: