Indoor Services are back!
      Based on the success of our impromptu indoor service on September 6, our Worship and Music Committee has recommended we resume regular indoor services as of September 20. Please see the Messages From the Heart page for safety protocols, and we'll see you at church on Sunday!
Call committee update! 
    Our church Call Committee has completed its preliminary work, and our congregation's Mission Site Profile (MSP) has been posted to the ELCA website. For more details, see the Call Committee page on this site.  
Live-streaming to continue!
    With services moving indoors as of September 20, we will be adjusting our electronic versions. The live-streaming of each service on our Facebook page will continue, but we will no longer be recording the service for later posting to YouTube. If you cannot attend the service in person, and miss the live-stream at 9am, please remember that the service remains on the page as a recording, and can be viewed later in its entirety.
     Some of our members have occasionally expressed disappointment with the audio and video quality of our live-streams, both indoors and out. Please bear in mind that we are using equipment that was not designed to handle the streaming of an event that encompasses a relatively large area. Also, the internet upload speed at our church, while it has recently been upgraded, is still (and likely forever will be) substandard, compared to what might be used by other entities in presenting live-streamed events online. A lot of this has to do with the rural location of our church, and at present we are utilizing internet access gear that is giving us the best speeds possible. We all enjoy the rural ambience of our church, but it does have its downsides, and relatively slow internet speed is one of them. 
    We have purchased a Sony Handycam video recorder which gives us audio/video quality that is much better than what we have been able to provide for the live-streams using members' own tablets and laptops. You can see the Sony's quality in the YouTube versions of our services. Our ultimate goal is to use the Sony in our live-streams, but this requires an expansion of the church's interior internet capabilities. This project is underway as part of an overall upgrade of the church's computer network. It is our hope that the project will be completed by the end of October. In the meantime, your patience with our live-stream work is much appreciated. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact our webmaster, Dave Tindell. His contact information is listed on our Staff page. 
Get to know us via YouTube!
    Many of our church activities, including sermons, choir performances and entire services, are available to you on our YouTube channel. Just click on the red YouTube button on the left, and you're there! Discover the joys of 'Tubing!
"Simply Giving" is a way to support your church!
     Most of our congregation contributes to the financial health of our church by giving an offering during Sunday services, but if you're concerned about attending services due to the pandemic, other means are available for you to continue your support. You may send a check to our church directly, or you may utilize Simply Giving. If you choose to go that route, your monthly donation can be sent directly from your bank account on the date of your choosing. It's convenient, easy and completely safe. Please contact the church office for more information. And now, we have yet another way for you to contribute, and it's even easier! 
Helping our ministry is now just a click away!
     You have probably noticed the gold button on our website pages, located to the left and under the Facebook and YouTube buttons. By clicking on this DONATE button, you can now contribute to our ministry. Donations can be made either one at a time or a regular contribution can be established, and you can donate by using a credit card or setting up direct withdrawal from your bank account. The process is operated by the same company we utilize for Simply Giving, and is completely secure. Feel free to give it a try, and thanks in advance for helping us spread the Good News! 
Columbarium is here!
     Our new columbarium was delivered and installed on the site on June 22. Work now continues on the base and landscaping, with planned completion of the project no later than Labor Day. Check out our YouTube channel for a video showing the newly-installed columbarium!
    Formal guidelines for use of the columbarium will be posted soon on the "Cemetery Regulations" page of this website. For more information, please contact our cemetery sextons, Bob Papendieck or Cheri Weingartner. Their contact information is listed on the "Staff" page. 
Bad weather?
      Sure, it happens up here.  If worship services are cancelled because of bad weather, an announcement will be made on radio station WJMC in Rice Lake (96.1 FM or 1240 AM), the Sunday School will be notified to call their students and the prayer chain will be activated to notify parishioners by telephone. During the week, when school activities are cancelled in Spooner and/or Rice Lake because of severe weather, all church activities will be cancelled as well, and the church office will be closed. In case of heavy snowfall and the schools are delayed or not closed, the church office will not open until 10:30 a.m. in order to give the plows or sanding trucks an opportunity to open the roads for travel.
Help us make a joyful noise unto the Lord!
    Although the pandemic shutdown has kept our choirs from rehearsing and performing, the time is coming when we'll be able to raise that joyful noise again! And we'll have room for you! If you'd like to (eventually) join the Celebration Singers choir and/or the Joyful Ringers tone chimes choir (you can do both), contact our Director of Music Ministry, Kris Knutson, by calling the church, or you can send her an email: