Helping our ministry is now just a click away!
You have probably noticed the Donate tab on our website pages. By clicking on the Donate tab, or the link below, you can now contribute to our ministry. Donations can be made either one at a time or a regular contribution can be established, and you can donate by using a credit card or setting up direct withdrawal from your bank account. The process is operated by the same company we utilize for Simply Giving and is completely secure. Feel free to give it a try, and thanks in advance for helping us spread the Good News!
The link allows you to:
  • Create a secure online giving account with a username and password
  • Set up automatic, recurring offerings
  • Make a one-time (or recurring) gift to various established church funds
  • Manage and track financial giving
"Simply Giving" is also way to support our church!
Most of our congregation contributes to the financial health of our church by giving an offering during Sunday services, but you may send a check to our church directly, or you may utilize Simply Giving. If you choose to go that route, your monthly donation can be sent directly from your bank account on the date of your choosing. It's convenient, easy and completely safe. Please contact the church office for more information. And now, we have yet another way for you to contribute, and it's even easier!