Our service time is now 9 a.m. year-round! Summer services will be held in our outdoor chapel, weather permitting, from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend.
Special notice concerning indoor worship:
   At the present time, we have suspended in-person worship due to COVID-19 concerns in the community. Our Church Council is continually monitoring the situation and will re-open services to limited attendance when conditions permit. 
   We are proceeding with utmost caution and will re-open in the safest way possible. If anyone is uncomfortable with any of the following guidelines, or chooses not to follow them, we ask you to please consider protecting the congregation by worshiping at home.
   Our goal as a congregation is to protect each other from contacting COVID-19. We need to be willing to take precautions to protect ourselves, each other and the community. If anyone, or someone you live with, has had within the past two (2) weeks any signs of cough, fever, shortness of breath, chills, signs or symptoms of the flu, change in or loss of taste or smell, or a pending or positive COVID-19 test, please stay at home and join us online for worship. It is recommended you take your temperature at home before leaving for worship. If your temperature of 100.0 or above, please worship from home.
   Outlined below are the precautions we will take, when in-person services resume, to help ensure everyone’s safety.
   • Please practice social distancing upon arrival. The sidewalks as well as the floors in the building will be marked to provide guidance.
   • Greeters will meet you at the front door. Entering the building will be limited to the front door unless there is a need for elevator use. We will be exiting from the side door. There will signs and guidance for clarity.
   • Face masks need to be worn at all times while in the church building. We encourage you to bring your own mask, but masks will be provided at the front entrance for those who do not have one.
   • Ushers will direct seating. Please sit only with members of your immediate household. Spacing of 6 feet will be maintained with signs and markings on the pews.
   • Hand sanitizer will be available at the top of the stairs in the front entrance. Please use it before entering further. The hand sanitizer station will be moved to the side door exit at the end of the service to use when leaving.
   • The offering box will be located at the door to the sanctuary.
   • To limit items being touched, all Bibles, hymnals, forms, and pencils have been removed from the pews.
   • The bulletin will be available as usual online. Printed bulletins will be in a container next to the hand sanitizing station. There will be no communal singing.
   • On Communion Sundays prepackaged single-serve elements will be available for each person. Instructions will be given.     
   • The downstairs area of the church will be roped off and unavailable during the service.
   • The upstairs restroom will be available. Please wipe down and sanitize after each use. Cleaning supplies and directions will be provided.
   • Weather permitting, doors and windows will be propped open for increased ventilation.
   • The coffee station and sink facilities will not be available. For your comfort, you may bring covered beverage containers into the Sanctuary.
   Worshiping on-site is a decision you and your family will need to prayerfully make. Some of you will decide to return to the sanctuary for worship, and some of you will choose to remain at home for worship. Either way you choose, God is still speaking among us. Be well and know that you are greatly loved!
Pastor Ron
Long Lake Lutheran Worship & Music Committee
Church Council