The transition to your new pastor is almost complete. For the past 21 months, much longer than expected, you have had me as your Interim Pastor. From the interview in January 2020, and a heartfelt welcome by Jon Sleik, the Council President, it has been my honor to serve Long Lake Lutheran Church during a time of transition until this moment in 2021. On October 1, Pastor Rodger Prois, will become your new pastor. It has been an epic time. We have faced the adversity of a pandemic which has impacted how we do ministry into the future. We have learned how to live stream our worship services and provide a continuous flow of worship, parish education, and weekly flow of information to all our members. We have discovered that we can support mission and ministry in spite of obstacles of not experiencing face to face contact. Individuals have stepped into leadership roles and the future of our church is in sure hands. From a spiritual standpoint, we have grown in faith in ways we never expected or anticipated. Yet as we look forward, we also anticipate renewing the old forms of person to person contact as the pandemic recedes. Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel! I shall keep this church in my thoughts and prayers and look forward to hearing of your Good News.
In Christ,
Pastor Ron Gerl
    It is fall and Jesus tells us "the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few..." Chris and I are excited to follow the Holy Spirit into the future with all the people of Long Lake Lutheran working that harvest I look forward to meeting all of you and building relationships that serve God and the church. I am certain that God has work for us to do as we journey together. Remain Hopeful!
Pr. Rodger