Contextually, we are in a period of history that is unprecedented. Covid-19 has had a dramatic impact of the way live. In the last weeks we have seen escalations in reported cases across the nation, but rural northwestern Wisconsin seems fairly unscathed with low reported cases and deaths. Yet because of constant general news reports regarding this pandemic, people like us live in fear. Added to this, the killing of George Floyd by police has had national implications reverberating into political posturing, rampant increases in demonstrations and violence, and anthems of anti-racial rhetoric. News reports tells us of historic statues being destroyed, escalating into accusations of white supremacy against peace-loving citizens. As Americans are looking for leadership to quell the unrest and move our country toward unilateral peaceful negotiations, we find ourselves still searching for that reconciliation to happen.
    Intrinsically, we are a congregation living in a void. We are not worshiping God as we truly want and desire and we are lacking in the common socialization that we are used to having. We have to wear masks when we know that our medical status is precarious and susceptible to infectious diseases that are prevalent. We have had to learn to adjust our worship to the home computer, watching YouTube or Facebook. We are adjusting by receiving the sacrament of Holy Communion with the pastor at church and us in our homes. All of us have been forced to dramatically change “going to church” like never before in our life.
    Spiritually, our church has tried to still be a presence in our life. The Good News of Jesus Christ has and always will be our mission. A small group of volunteers and staff are helping to provide us with news, bulletins, the Anchor, and especially live worship from the church sanctuary. Prayers, devotions, and Bible studies have been disseminated weekly. Supportive church members are sending their offerings and outreach to the needy while sustaining our mission at home. As a wise person once said, this dilemma in life will pass. In the meantime let us go forward with our Lord’s strength, courage, and hope. Let us remember that God is our ROCK! 
 Pastor Ron