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   May is a month of hope for me. It is exciting to see little sprouts that have laid dormant all winter emerge to bring color and beauty to a landscape so recently drab. That hope gives me energy and the desire to not only look ahead but consider what the future can be.
   My devotions recently led me to read through the book of Hebrews, an excellent study for people who want to engage in faithful living. One particular part of chapter 6 struck me as extremely fitting for our time. The writer reminds us that God guaranteed by oath (promised) “…that we who have taken refuge in God are encouraged to seize the hope set before us. We have this hope, as sure and steadfast anchor of the soul…” When the seas grow stormy, we need a solid anchor to keep us safe, give us peace, and allow us to remain hopeful. The anchor we have is not one that holds us in place, but more like a sea anchor, keeps us heading in the right direction.
   We are now in our 8th month of serving God together and it is time for us to think about plans. There is a saying that comes to mind: “We plan, God laughs!” The reality is our planning is often not the most important thing for God or our community, yet we plan just the same. A few of the questions as we plan and continue conversations around are: 1. Do we have a clear vision and purpose for the congregation? 2. Is our overall attitude toward those things God has entrusted to us one of generosity? 3. How can we serve the greater community for God? 4. How can we learn more about those we are related to in other cultures and countries? 5. What resources are there in the congregation and community that God can use for mission? 6. How can we become a 21st Century church while honoring those who have gone before us? 7. What partnerships can we form that will help us be more sustainable? 8. What would a move to be more intergenerational look like?
   Expect me to be asking these, and more questions so that we can move together to do God’s mission.
 Remain hopeful!
Pastor Rodger