On January 1, I will have served Long Lake Lutheran Church for one year. And what a year! None of us knew what was going to happen in the unprecedented year of 2020. Yet now we face a new year with greater expectations as we hopefully move to a new stable norm. Included in this is a new pastor, open worship services, better health conditions and no more masks and self-distancing. There are questions to be answered by its members. Did we learn something about ourselves and our faithfulness during this time of pandemic? Will we return to worship or have we found complacency in staying home on Sunday mornings? Has the virtual worship and spiritual programs replaced our need to be together or has it titillated our need for more active church worship attendance and being tired of Facebook and YouTube? There are spiritual questions to be answered as well. Has our prayer life waned or increased? Has our support of mission and ministry and its value to us diminished or increased? Have we discovered emptiness in our life this past year that needs fulfilling more than ever? Is Jesus Christ the center of our life, or have we discovered that our faith is not that important any longer? Do we love our church family and really need them, or can we get along without them? All of us are on this journey through life in which we are discovering ourselves and our needs. Unless we are growing, we are dying. God has come to bring us life today and life tomorrow. During 2020 the Lord has sent me as your pastor to remind us of this! How we receive this message is all up to us individually. As we enter 2021, what are our answers?
 Pastor Ron