Let the words of Christ take you on a walk...
The Beatitudes, from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, are some of the most meaningful verses in the Bible. We now have a Beatitudes Walk on our church grounds! Thanks to the work of Church Council President Bob Papendieck and many volunteers, we have converted our unused grounds just west of the parking lot into a Beatitudes Walk. Please journey along the path and contemplate the words of Jesus at each station, surrounded by God's most bountiful nature.

Check out our Photo Albums page for updates on the second phase of the project, as this project becomes completed in four different stages.

Make your plans with us!

If you are planning to marry and would like to celebrate your union amid God's beautiful nature, please consider our chapel. Here's a photo of what our seating arrangements could be for your large-scale event. Feel free to contact the church office for more information!


The Long Lake Lutheran Church buildings and grounds were established with the central purpose of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the congregation and the community. These properties are designed to be places where God's people come together to hear His Word, receive the Sacraments, worship, enjoy fellowship and learn God's intent for their lives.


We have established a building and grounds policy to recognize the intent and integrity of our property and our congregation. Our facilities are available for rental by persons, both members and non-members, for the purposes of weddings, funerals and other events. To inquire about the availability of church facilities for an event and the associated fees, please contact the church office at 715-354-3804, or by email to officeadmin@llchurch.com. 


In case of a scheduling conflict, church-sponsored events will take priority over those events and requests from non-church entities. The Operations Committee of the Long Lake Lutheran Church Council reserves the right to refuse any and all requests for use of buildings and properties. Usage privileges may be revoked at any time.